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Are you a 1st Time Homebuyer

Do you already own a home and have Mortgage Questions?

I am here to answer all of your questions from beginning to end.  Feel free to call me if you want me to review your specific financial scenario.  623-935-0200

~Mei Lan Kays 


April 2018

As a 1st Time Homebuyer, you found the right website!  I'll give you lots of Expert Advice to get you prepared to own your first home. 

The very first step in purchasing a home is getting Pre-Qualified.  A Pre-Qualification will tell you in advance:

  1. If there are any issues on your credit that need fixed before you can get a Loan Approval
  2. How much a bank will lend to you
  3. How much the payments will be

This is what happens during a Pre-Qualification:

  1. Credit Review to ensure you meet the banks guidelines
  2. Income Review to see how much you can afford
  3. Asset Review to see how much money you need to purchase a home

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the loan information on the internet, this is normal.  You are not expected to know everything about loans.  That is my job, and as an Expert in Arizona Home Loans, I will help you understand as much as you want to.  I'll ensure that you have all of the loan options available to you and help you choose the best loan for your individual situation.

  1. Lending Guidelines change frequently - an Expert will guide you through the entire loan process
  2. Credit Help - an Expert will review your credit and advise you on the Do's and Don'ts to improve your credit score
  3. Plan for Success - an Expert will give you a plan to follow so your credit/income/assets are ready when you want to buy a home

After you are Pre-Qualified your Realtor is ready to make an offer when you find a home that you like.  The Pre-Qualification is sent to the Seller with your offer to purchase the home.  Today's market moves very quickly.  Is it so important to have the Pre-Qualification ready to go so you can get your offer to the Seller quickly.  This lets the Seller know that you are a serious Buyer and your information has already been reviewed.  Many Sellers will not accept an offer without a Pre-Qualification.

If you have any questions about Pre-Qualifications please call me directly at 623-935-0200.



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